EDP Foundation


A stronger, more supportive and more innovative society.

Our social responsibility does not end with a patronage policy. It is a serious commitment to the values we stand for, which are fundamental to strengthen the link between EDP and the Portuguese society.

The EDP Foundation is a private institution that invests the most in the third sector in Portugal, and a major investor in the cultural field. Much of their investment reverts to sustainable projects, both in terms of own production or in patronage shed, its focus.

Based on the campus of the former Central Tejo, where the Museum of Electricity is installed, the EDP Foundation demands, year after year, to be recognized by the Portuguese society as a reference institution in the areas of Science and Energy, Culture and Social Innovation.

In short, the Foundation combats social exclusion, focusing on the development of talent and cultural training, and supports innovative projects geared to the development and fostering of entrepreneurship. It has been attentive to local products and businesses, and has invested in this segment, especially in the regions of the dams.

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