2019 Edition

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EDP University Challenge

The EDP University Challenge is back with lots of new features!

This edition aims to provide participants with an international experience.

In each country where the EDP University Challenge is implemented (Portugal, Brazil and Spain) finalist teams were selected. The final round is a Global Ceremony where the nine finalist teams will compete for a trip to Silicon Valley, the quintessential center of the cutting-edge technology industry.

Check out the projects of the 3 finalist teams in Portugal below:

EDP University Challenge

3 finalist teams

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Applying Augmented and Virtual Realities to Service Stores
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Universidade do Minho 

Renato Braga De Andrade, Paula Thaís Cardoso Feio

Project summary:
The goal of this project is to integrate augmented and virtual reality technologies into physical stores, thus creating solutions that will bring the best alternatives to the 'EDP Comercial Store of the Future'.

EDP Light
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Universidade do Minho - Escola de Engenharia

Ana Rita Quinteiro, José da Silva Barbosa, Sofia Silva

Manuel Lopes Nunes

Project summary:
As a customized service system, the purpose of EDP Light is to provide a more inclusive and personalized service, to optimize in-store services, and to increase the sustainability of EDP stores by boosting both time and financial gains while also reducing costs.

On Spot
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Escola Superior de Comunicação Social

João Farmhouse, Carlota Real e Rúben Freitas

João Abreu

Project summary:
The main goal of the project was to create a space within EDP stores that would attract young people, which are a less frequent target nowadays. The purpose of 'On Spot' is to boost young people's visits to EDP stores. It also intends to add more value to the brand. 

The final was played between the five semi-finalist projects. Beyond the three winners, two other projects have participated:

Energy on the Move (Escola Superior de Comunicação Social -IP Lisboa)
Team: Rita Mendes, Mariana Trindade
Teacher: Alexandra David

Online Power Plugs (Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa)
Team: João Paulo Francisco e Luís Abrunhosa
Teacher: Cátia Vaz


Theme for 2019 edition:

"The EDP Comercial shop of the Future"

I- Integration of the physical and digital world
II- Augmented reality integration


Important dates:

  • Registration and submission of ideas: between March 6 and 24, 2019
  • Communication of the pre-selection of the 40 best ideas: March 31, 2019
  • Delivery of final projects: until June 12, 2019
  • Communication of the semi-finalist projects: end of August 2019
  • Final Venue: September 26,  2019
  • Pitch Bootcamp and Global Final Ceremony: October 2019
  • Trip to Silicon Valley: January 2020



Local Final Prize:

  • 3 winners teams 
  • 1.200€ per team
  • 400€ per professor

Global Final Prize:

Silicon Valley trip for students and teacher. Check out the winner of this edition. 


Relevants documents

Briefing EDP University Challenge 2019
Regulamento EDP University Challenge 2019
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