Free Market and Regulated Market
Free Market and Regulated Market

Regulated Market

Regulated tariffs for the sale of electricity and natural gas are now being gradually extinguished. 1 The deadline for the end of commercialization activities involving electricity and natural gas in the regulated market is December 31, 2020.

During this stage, while remaining in the regulated market, you will remain with your current supplier, whose rates are set by ERSE through a transitional tariff, which will be subject to a quarterly reassessment.

Current regulated gas and electricity market consumers may choose to enter into a new contract with EDP Comercial (an EDP Group company that provides electricity and gas in a free market context) or with any other retailer operating in Portugal.

Free market

The free (or liberalized) market allows consumers to choose their electricity and/or natural gas supplier, opting for the solution that best fits their needs.

In the free market, energy prices are determined by each supplier and not by the Regulatory Authority for Energy Services (ERSE), as was the case before liberalization.

energy supply

EDP supply companies

EDP Comercial is the EDP supply company for the free market. EDP Serviço Universal supplies energy to customers in the regulated market.