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EDP promotes Portuguese culture at NOS Alive

Friday 01, July 2016

Fado and the new Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology (MAAT) fill EDP Street

NOS Alive and EDP reinforce their longstanding partnership with the presentation of Rua EDP (EDP street), which will recreate various elements of Portuguese culture through an impressive set design. This new space will host the seventh stage of NOS Alive, the EDP Fado Café, which, over the three days, will feature names like Raquel Tavares, Marco Rodrigues, Hélder Moutinho, Dead Combo and Cordas da Má Fama and Tiago Bettencourt, among others.
The re-qualification of a street 150 meters long, inspired by the pombaline layout, will include various well-known Lisbon elements, including EDP's two most iconic buildings. The recreation of Central Tejo (ancient Electricity Museum) will be one of them. The other represents the future, introducing the MAAT (Architecture, Arts and Technology Museum), in its current form, under construction.
At Central Tejo, visitors can take a picture using light pens to paint their picture with the image they want. The pictures can be printed on paper. This space will also offer an explanation of the 'trash project', conducted in partnership with IADE and whose aim was to challenge several students of this institution to make art with an object whose only utility is to throw things away. Over the three days of the festival, Central Tejo will exhibit all the dustbin customization projects.
In turn, the MAAT will take festival-goers on a virtual journey of EDP's newest building, using 3D spectacles, where visitors can see what is currently happening at MAAT, as well as its end result, when it opens to the public in October.
Music could not be missing in this street and Portuguese culture takes over the EDP Fado Café, the seventh stage of the NOS Alive festival, which, in its first edition, receives a luxury lineup, with Raquel Tavares, Marco Rodrigues and Dead Combo & Cordas da Má Fama on July 7, Hélder Moutinho, Marco Oliveira, Vanessa Alves and Ricardo Parreira on July 8, and Tiago Bettencourt, Ana Sofia Varela, Teresinha Ladeiro and Pedro de Castro on the last night of the festival, July 09.
At the end of each nigh, the EDP Fado Café will turn into a slow dance floor, with the sound of the Deluxe Trio, composed of Vânia Fernandes, António Bruheim and Pedro Nobre. The trio promises to revive old-time slow-dancing, from midnight to 4:00 a.m.
Adding to these novelties is a partnership with blogger Maria Guedes. The Stylista will be curating the EDP Street and will be responsible for sharing all its moments and curiosities with fashion and architecture aficionados, over the three days of the NOS Alive festival. The blogger will also set up a shop on this street, selling some of the brands that are usually in her markets, including Canté, Carolina Curado and ByMarez.
For Maria Guedes, this was a very special invitation by EDP 'I am very flattered to be in charge of what will be the most Portuguese Street of NOS Alive. I am sure that the EDP Street will be the epicenter of national excitement at this festival, and I feel truly privileged to be able to promote a delightfully domestic area in terms of music, concept and, of course, commercial offers. I am hoping to have Portuguese guitars and various styles of Fado, a bohemian and trampy vibe, street informality, pleasure in having a drink and the joy of buying something special. The Stylista space is a wonderful opportunity to showcase local brands to the national and international public visiting the festival. It is, in my view, an excellent addition in terms of experience and a fantastic way to promote the work of these Portuguese micro-entrepreneurs. '
In addition to the Stylista space, you can still find several points of interest, including the Cofina space, band merchandising, crafts, accessories, cash machines, the Casinha do Pão (Little Bread House) the NOS Store, with mobile phone charging points, and also the Sociedade Ponto Verde stand.
As usual, EDP will have another stand with innovative brand activations at other areas of the festival. The central activation will challenge all festival-goers to dance to the music and win various prizes. The three dancers who can generate the most energy each day will win a month's worth of free power. At this space you can also customize mobile phone covers and bags with your own pictures, which make for excellent souvenirs of the festival. And if coming home with a paid electricity bill, or meeting your friends wearing unique accessories is not enough to express the joy of the moment, simply let yourself get carried away by the forces of nature and the speed of technology. EDP created a wind machine, which can make for an original photo, which is instantly transformed into a GIF for sharing on social media.
Also, at the EDP space, you can get a close look at a system that allows monitoring and managing all power consumption - EDP Re.dy - which allows tracking the various devices and appliances plugged in, in real time, allowing you to control consumption. The space thus serves to demonstrate the efficiency of one of the many power-efficiency solutions developed and marketed by EDP. Like energy efficiency, renewable energy sources have not been forgotten and, for the 2nd consecutive year, part of the EDP's stand will be powered by solar panels installed on the roof.
Also worth mentioning is the holding of the third consecutive edition of the EDP Live Bands Portugal and also of the first edition of EDP Live Bands Brazil. From these competitions, emerged two winning bands, one Portuguese and one Brazilian. The winners of each competitions, Them Flying Monkeys (Portuguese winners) and Soulvenir (Brazilian winners) will perform on the Heineken Stage on July 9 and 8, respectively.
Just a few days before the opening of the NOS Alive festival, the only available daily tickets left are for July 7. Daily tickets for July 8 and 9 and three-day passes are already sold out.