EDP lança campanha com nova oferta na energia solar para clientes residenciais

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EDP lança campanha com nova oferta na energia solar para clientes residenciais

Monday 29, April 2019

EDP takes another step towards a more decarbonised world, with a new commercial offer for the acquisition of solar panels. The campaign "Energia Solar EDP" allows the acquisition of up to five solar panels for self consumption of energy, from 14,90 € per month, during 48 months, without paying an initial entrance fee. The energy generated by the panels will be used for customer consumption and in cases where it is still necessary to use electricity from the grid, the customer will have a 10% discount on EDP's green solar energy tariff, which guarantees using energy in their home produced from renewable sources.
An online advice platform has also been developed to help the client to find the best solution for their type of housing and consumption and to understand the total savings per year and the investment value. The simulator is available in www.edp.pt. In addition, each customer can also monitor in real time their panel production and know how much they are saving through a simple application, the re: dy EDP service, with a membership fee of € 19.90 and subsequent offer of 48 monthly payments. 

The advertising campaign that is promoting this offer has the creativity of the agency Solid Dogma and speaks of a new solar generation that EDP wants to stage. A generation that wants to save more and waste less, that worries about its environmental footprint and that has as mentality a bid for the sustainability of the planet. This is the generation portrayed in the advertising campaign that premieres today on television, press, radio, digital and billboards - the generation that wants to give a new energy to the world: cleaner, more decarbonised, increasingly shared. 

Produce to use, produce to share

This position of EDP Comercial is portrayed in the advertising campaign, through a scenario in which nature and animal life are fed through a new energy, and people seek increasingly sustainable solutions for their lives, in a spirit of community. People of all ages and backgrounds are portrayed, living and working together in the name of a greater good, wanting more and better for the world we live in.

This goal of the company, that an increasingly larger number of Portuguese become part of this solar generation, is aligned with the new position that EDP has sought to consolidate: the focus on solutions that contribute to the decarbonisation of society, and another example is the investment on solutions to accelerate electric mobility in Portugal. 
A position that was reflected in the repositioning campaign launched by EDP Comercial last year and more recently in the new offer launched by EDP for electric mobility, with discounts for its customers on home charges and public charging stations.
EDP is already the leader in solar energy in Portugal, with 80% of the market share in residential consumption. The company has already made more than 20,000 sales and installations for residential customers, allowing them to save an average of 20% on their invoices, while helping to avoid 4,000 tons of CO2. More than 18,500 systems were also installed as corporate customers, including the recent installment of the country's largest solar energy storage park, with a total capacity of 3.8MWp, for the self-consumption of the battery manufacturer Exide.

More information: https://www.edp.pt/particulares/servicos/energia-solar/?utm_medium=social&utm_source=press-release&utm_campaign=energia-solar-2019&utm_content=url