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EDP installs up to 50 electrical charging points in the Pestana Hotel Group

Friday 17, May 2019

New stations will increase the public network and add up to the nine fast spots currently managed by EDP, which have already been used in more than 55,000 shipments.

EDP and the Pestana Hotel Group have just agreed on a partnership to install up to 50 charging points for electric vehicles at establishments of the Pestana Hotel Group in Portugal. These stations will be connected to the public charging network MOBI.E and may be used by all owners of an electric vehicle.

This partnership is part of the strategy to promote electric mobility that EDP has assumed as one of its pillars for the coming years. The company is actively investing in the charging infrastructure, installing public access stations in private spaces, as is the case with the Pestana Hotel Group's units, while developing products and solutions that facilitate the adoption of electric vehicles and their charging in condominiums, houses and office buildings.

This partnership provides for the immediate installation of eight loading points at Pestana Palácio do Freixo, in Porto, at Pousada de Évora and in Algarve, at Pousada de Estói and at Pestana Blue Alvor. In this way, customers of the group who wish to take advantage of these hotel units will be able to charge their electric vehicles in the premises where they are staying.

It is only possible to promote electric mobility if we create the appropriate conditions so that more ecological and sustainable choices can be made. This partnership with the Pestana group will allow our customers to travel in electric vehicles, without constraints, in their leisure time. This is how we idealize the near future: shared, electric and sustainable, highlights Vera Pinto Pereira, president of EDP Comercial.

 "Through this partnership with EDP, the largest Portuguese hotel group, reinforces its commitment to innovative and differentiated services, guaranteeing maximum comfort to its guests who choose a cleaner energy to travel from the hotel chain Pestana and Pousadas de Portugal," says Luís Castanheira Lopes, president of the Pestana Pousadas Group and administrator of the Pestana Hotel Group for sustainability. 

With this partnership, EDP now manages about 60 charging points connected to the public network MOBI.E. The company thus strengthens its position as one of the main operators of the public electric charging network: since this network has been in operation, more than 55 thousand charges have been carried out at EDP stations, which has allowed it to charge more than 680 MWh and to avoid the emission of more than 515 tons of CO2. 

These and the other charging stations managed by EDP can be quickly and intuitively identified at EV.X, the app developed by the company to promote electric mobility in Portugal. There have been more than 2800 downloads of the application, which has already been used in more than 126 thousand trips.

EDP Comercial, as an electric mobility energy marketer, now has a base of eight thousand customers who have already opted for the EDP Mobility Card, which allows them a 20% discount on the public network and 20% on home charges, during the night.