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EDP is offering over 500 race bibs for the best races in Portugal and Spain

Friday 30, August 2019

EDP Comercial customers can win double race bibs at www.edp.pt. The contest starts today, September 2, and only the fastest participants will win. Let's go?

From today to September 16, EDP will be offering more than 500 race bibs for the highly popular races it sponsors in Portugal and Spain. EDP Comercial customers who want to run the EDP Lisbon Marathon (October 20), the EDP Porto Marathon (November 3) or the EDP Bilbao Night Marathon (October 19) can win double race bibs for their favorite race at www.edp.pt.

Putting into practice its new motto - Let's go - which aims to challenge Portuguese customers to leave their homes and take part in leisure activities with EDP, the company now invites professional and amateur runners to overcome a first challenge: to match sporting items in the shortest time possible on the company's website. And because speed also counts during the race, participants will know if they were the fastest on September 17.

The double bibs are available for:

- EDP Lisbon Mini Marathon (October 20)
- Luso Half Marathon (October 20)
- EDP Porto Marathon (November 3)
- EDP Porto Marathon - Family Race (November 3)
- EDP Porto Marathon - Fun Race (November 3)
- EDP Bilbao Night Marathon - Marathon (October 19)
- EDP Bilbao Night Marathon - Half Marathon (October 19)
- EDP Bilbao Night Marathon - 10 km (October 19)

In order to join the contest you must be a client of EDP Comercial - the EDP Group's energy provider for the liberalized market - and choose the race in which you want to compete.

EDP has been promoting professional and amateur athletics in Portugal and supporting some of the most iconic races in the Iberian Peninsula for over 20 years: last year alone, over 20,000 people joined the EDP Lisbon Marathon and 16,000 others ran the EDP Porto Marathon. In Bilbao, EDP-sponsored races attracted more than 11,000 runners. The company also sponsors surfing, cycling and other sporting events.

For more information, check the contest on the EDP Comercial website.