Recognition of Companies


Recognition of Companies

Companies must be recognized in order to execute any works on behalf of EDP.

The combination of the provisions set out in the Distribution Network Regulation, approved by the Directorate of Geology and Energy (cf. Ordinance No. 596/2010, dated July 30, 2010) and in the Trade Relations Regulation, approved by Order No. 561/2014, published in Diário da República No. 246, 2nd series, dated December 22, 2010, determines that elements connecting facilities to the grid, as well as basic infrastructures for the electrification of urbanizations, housing developments, and industrial or commercial areas, can be built by third parties.

The construction of such infrastructures and network connection elements should:

. Respect the project

. Use materials approved by the Grid Operator, in accordance with the normative documents adopted for its own infrastructure

. Be executed by entities with proven technical expertise (recognized companies)

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