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Occupational Health and Safety

EDP's Commitment

The corporate management of the EDP Group is determined to constantly strengthen the culture of occupational health and safety, by developing awareness, deepening willingness and making available the resources required for:
•    Ensuring a healthy and safe working environment, by guaranteeing compliance with legislation as the minimum acceptable level; 
•    Promoting the training and information of employees on activity-related risks, raising their awareness to the need to comply with safety standards; 
•    Protecting facilities and equipment by adopting the best techniques, combined with monitoring and updating of operating procedures in order to eliminate or minimize risks to employees, service providers and all third parties who might come into contact with the EDP group's infrastructures.

The efficacy of the safety policy and the continuous improvement of the Group in the area of health and safety at work must be achieved with the involvement of all management levels and the support and contribution of all employees, service providers, suppliers and stakeholders. To this end, EDP requires all of its service providers to adopt practices in line with the principles of this policy.