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We are committed to clean energy by empowering the community and rebuilding our planet in collaboration with our partners, driven by a strong ESG culture.  

Changing tomorrow now

Leading the energy transition  

We choose Earth

Our power comes from our people,doers, thinkers, dreamers. All of us, together. With the same renewable will.

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Our energy and heart drive a better tomorrow.

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Dow Jones Index
14 consecutive years at the top of the most sustainable companies in the world
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EDP Surf for tomorrow
We will support the training of five young surf promises and give them the conditions to prepare themselves to compete on international circuits.

A global energy company

We work to be leaders. To transform the world. We want to decarbonise and be 100% green by 2030. But our commitment is not just to planet Earth. We want to make a difference for the environment and for people. We want to change tomorrow, today already.


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