EDP Annual Report 2020
Changing Tomorrow Now

music and sports
EDP Women's Race

The 1st virtual edition of this event in Porto takes place on the 22nd and 23rd of May

EDP in Portugal

We are the biggest producer, distributor and supplier of electricity in the country. Find out more about EDP's presence in Portugal.


Now or Never

The world needs to change.
For that, each of us has to change our habits first.
Having a more sustainable planet takes teamwork.
We all have to be agents of change.
Are we going to change the world together?

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annual Report 2020

Changing Tomorrow Now

Change has been our driver as we deliver an agile network with more efficient, smart and sustainable solutions. We are playing our part for a more balanced and sustainable world, one that is inclusive, diverse and humane.

We're changing tomorrow now.

changing tomorrow now

stories made of solidarity

EDP Volunteering

From small gestures, great stories are written.

A happy union between the energy of EDP people and technology, against Covid-19, showed how technology also came to complement this more human activity. These are four very special stories made of solidarity that we want you to meet.


two decades of istory

PPA, CMCE and PHD: two decades of history

Learn more about the history of these contracts, in Portugal, in detail, and all the associated documentation.