Our vision

We Choose Earth

Our story began more than 40 years ago, in Portugal. Today, we are a global energy company and a leader in energy transition, present in 29 markets, with more than nine million electricity and natural gas customers. As our business expands, our purpose and commitment to the planet grows stronger. 

In Portugal, we have taken important steps. Today, 57% of electricity comes from renewable sources. We are committed to democratising access to decentralised solar generation and we aim to increase as more than 35,000 people already benefit from solar energy in self-consumption. Electric mobility is another of the main allies in decarbonisation and as such, we have reached 3,000 contracted public charging points in the Iberian Peninsula.

On a global level, our ambition goes ever further. We are among the biggest players in the energy sector in Europe and we are the 4th largest wind energy producer, with almost 13 MW of installed capacity. 74% of all the energy we generate comes from renewable sources. But we want to go further - by 2030 we will be 100% green. To achieve this vision, we rely on innovation, our drive, our passion, and the energy of the more than 13,000 people. 


Our energy and heart drive a better tomorrow

We generate and supply green energy for all and work to inspire trust, being efficient.
We care for our people, the heart of our strategy, and for our clients, partners and communities.
We are committed to making a difference and work every day to lead the energy transition.
Our commitments

We are driven by...


We take on the social and environmental responsibilities resulting from our operations, in order to contribute to the development of the regions in which we operate. We are sustainably reducing specific greenhouse gas emissions in the energy we produce. We actively promote energy efficiency.

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We combine ethical conduct and professional standards, with enthusiasm and initiative and an emphasis on teamwork. We believe diversity is key and promote the development of skills and merit. We believe that a healthy work-life balance is fundamental for success.

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We always put ourselves in the place of our customers when we take a decision and seek to surprise them by anticipating their needs.  We have been building our position as our customers' sustainability partners, by offering them the right solutions to support their energy transition journey, such as green energy, distributed solar generation and e-mobility.

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We fulfil our commitments to our shareholders. We lead through our ability to anticipate and deliver. We uphold standards of excellence in everything we do.

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