EDP mobilizes teams and resources to tackle the humanitarian emergency in Ukraine

Friday 11, March 2022

EDP has an ongoing package of measures and initiatives to respond to the humanitarian emergency, involving teams of volunteers from different geographies. Red Cross and Doctors of the World are some of the organizations
with which EDP is collaborating directly.

EDP is mobilizing resources and teams in various geographies to put in place a package of measures in response to the humanitarian emergency driven by the conflict in Ukraine. In the immediate term, the aid is addressed to different organizations that are in the front line of support for the victims, such as the Red Cross and Doctors of the World, among others, through the donation of essential goods and direct financial help. 

Due to its presence in Poland, Romania and Hungary, EDP has also maintained regular contact with local authorities and will provide the necessary support to communities near the border with Ukraine. These collaborative efforts aim to tackle the most pressing difficulties experienced by refugees, through the purchase of food, medicines and support structures.  

These initiatives will be complemented by several internal actions that have been launched by EDP volunteers, articulating employees, customers and partners in the various countries where EDP is present, to deliver the most needed essentials, providing a concerted response to the main needs identified by those on the ground. 

"We are following current events with great sadness and concern, especially for the innocent people who are suffering as a result of the war in Ukraine. And that's why we are mobilizing our teams and resources to provide support to those on the ground, and we will keep on assessing all the measures we can take to get help to those who need it most”, says EDP's CEO, Miguel Stilwell d'Andrade

In addition to this most urgent package of measures, EDP is promoting a front to support refugees in Portugal and other countries where it is present, which involves temporary accommodation for Ukrainian refugees and the supply of energy to reception centers. It also plans to create job opportunities and teach local languages to refugees in different parts of Europe where they are hosted, through its Volunteer Program partnerships. 

EDP also wants to involve other areas of society in supporting the Ukrainian population. To this end, it will organize a solidarity weekend at MAAT in Lisbon and an art auction promoted by EDP Foundation with contributions from partner artists - in both cases, the revenues will be used to support the refugees.