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EDP has been adopting a set of preventive and contingency measures due to the global spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19).

The implementation of these measures is in accordance with the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO), the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), and the official health entities in the different countries in which the group operates.

The EDP Group's Contingency Plan adapted to the scope of COVID-19 and has the main goal of managing the impact of the pandemic situation on employees, service providers and on the business of the Group's companies.

Know the Response Plan of the EDP Group. 


These measures are applied to all EDP Group companies.
Find out about the measures we are adopting in each of the distribution and marketing companies:

EDP Produção has also ramped up its preventive measures to ensure the continuity of electricity production for the whole country and guarantee the most essential services:

  • Remote Control of Hydroelectric Power Plants;
  • Operation and Maintenance of Thermal Power Plants;
  • Availability Scheme for Hydroelectric Power Stations;
  • Mechanical Maintenance of Power Stations.


EDP in Portugal donates 50 ventilators and 200 medical monitors

EDP and CTG, in coordination with the Ministry of Health and with the support of the Portuguese Embassy in Beijing, acquired 50 fans, 200 medical monitors and other consumables and related equipment, in an investment of around 4 million euros.



EDP donates 250 thousand euros to support CEiiA in the production of fans

The financing provided by the company will contribute to the production of invasive ventilators and accelerate the development process to meet the needs of Portuguese hospitals.


"Heróis de Máscaras"

EDP Solidária, Correio da Manhã and CMTV joined in an exclusive partnership to donate 500,000 euros to purchase masks, gloves, goggles and disposable clothes for elderly care centers.

Fundação EDP, CM e CMTV campaign

movement for culture

EDP joins the Portugal movement #EntraEmCena

EDP joins the Portugal #EntraEmCena movement, an unprecedented project among artists, brands, public and private companies that come together in a collaborative effort to safeguard culture and its stakeholders at this critical moment for the sector.


EDP joins Gulbenkian to strengthen funding for digital health projects

EDP contributes 100,000 euros under the Gulbenkian Digital Solutions Covid-19 initiative to support digital solutions aimed at promoting public health and mitigating the effects of the pandemic.


discount in energy

EDP offers 20% discount to NHS professionals and support homes

Doctors, nurses, long-term care units and other more vulnerable communities are among the beneficiaries of this new benefit package. These are measures that reinforce the support that the EDP group has given, at various levels, in the current context of the pandemic.


EDP offers energy to hotels requested to support the fight against the pandemic

Two hotel units in Lisbon and Portimão are the first of EDP Comercial's customers to receive free energy during the period they are hosting teams from nearby hospitals.


EDP Produção donates € 72,000 to institutions that provide home support

The ‘Caring at Home’ operation involves a financial support of 72 thousand euros to be distributed to the municipalities where EDP has production centers. Initiative aims to reinforce aid to the most vulnerable elderly population.


EDP anticipates payment of EUR 30 million to 1,200 companies

EDP will anticipate the payment of more than 30 million euros to April, which approximately 1,200 suppliers - mainly small businesses and small and medium-sized companies - should only receive in May.


Partnership with covid.pt

Through our Corporate Volunteering Program, EDP joined the covid.pt platform.

It is a platform to share and implement ideas that help to respond to the challenges brought by the new Coronavirus.

Our employees are helping in two ways: in managing the platform itself and in promoting voluntary initiatives to respond to published ideas that may be implemented.

Participate too!



EDP donates € 25,000 to purchase protection material in Grândola

A reception center that will be able to accommodate about 100 people was created, and may, if the needs arise, evolve into temporary military reception units, security forces, fire department and field hospital.
In this regard, EDP was asked to purchase personal protective equipment for professionals at the forefront: 10000 surgical masks, 2500 FFP2 masks, 50 visors, 50 protective goggles, 2500 total protection suits, 13500 pairs of nitrile gloves, 2500 boots covers, 1000 disposable gowns and 5 digital thermometers for remote temperature measurement.

mascaras cirurgicas


EDP donates € 15,000 to purchase mobile X-ray for Hospital do Litoral Alentejano

EDP was requested to provide a contribution for the acquisition of a mobile X-ray for the ICU of Hospital do Litoral Alentejano, for the treatment of patients with Covid-19.



Project #SOSCOVID: EDP donates € 10,512 to purchase material for the production of visors

#SOSCOVID is a movement of social solidarity among entrepreneurs from the most diverse professional areas who have come together with a common goal: to use their 3D printers to build face protection visors and donate them to health professionals.
The movement has started to produce 1000 visors per day, exclusively through 3D printing. Thanks to a donation campaign, a plastic injection mold was purchased, to which two more were added, which allowed an increase in production capacity at the industrial level, now reaching an average daily production of 10,000 visors



Labelec donated € 1,500 in personal protective equipment to the Fire Department

With this equipment, we contribute to improving the safety and general working conditions of the paramedic team that deals with the COVID-19 situation.

Thus, EDP donated 90 Tyvek suits, worth € 1500, and delivered 5 liters of concentrated detergent disinfectant to produce 15 liters of detergent disinfectant for use in emergency ambulance cleaning.

Hand Sanitizer


EDP Volunteer Program donates € 20,000 to Portuguese organizations to support people in social exclusion

In order to support organizations that work with the communities that live in social exclusion, EDP will donate a total financial support of € 20,000.

In addition, there will be EDP volunteers who will make calls to isolated people, for the purpose of bringing comfort to those who are alone. Apart from that, these volunteers will also help the organizations and other volunteers to meet the basic needs of people in social exclusion.



EDP offers 4 daily meals to nurses at Hospital Prisão de Caxias

The National Nursing Association asked EDP to offer 4 daily meals until the end of the emergency period, for 4 nurses who work daily at Hospital Prisão de Caxias. The request follows the closure of the prison's cafeteria and the impossibility of them going home.

Daily meals are estimated at a total of 50 euros per day and will be provided by the restaurant Açores na Feira.



EDP Produção will prepare 3,000 visors and donate them to the municipalities in which it operates

In partnership with EFAPEL, which supplied the main bands, and with ZILMO, which provided support, together with a team of 8 EDP volunteers, it was possible to assemble 3,000 visors.
Facial protectors, which have an estimated value of €18,000, will be delivered to the 72 municipalities where EDP Produção has its main operations, in Portugal.

viseira edp


EDP Distribuição purchased more than € 500,000 in protective equipment for the employees of service providers

With this measure, EDP ensures that all employees of EDP Distribuição and the service providers have personal protective equipment against COVID-19, guaranteeing health security and business continuity: electricity supply, corrective maintenance and new customer requests for network connection
How does it work:
EDP Distribuição ordered 575,000 surgical masks, 100,000 FFP2 masks, 40,400 gloves and 13,000 alcohol gel dispensers, quantities that will be sufficient for 2 months.


equipment production

EDP Fablab manufactures facial protectors for healthcare professionals

With this action, EDP participates in the collective effort to help protect health professionals by providing personal protective equipment.
To this end, EDP Fablab took advantage of Labelec's modeling, prototyping and digital resources to manufacture visors.More than 50 face shields are being produced per day, and more than 500 visors have been delivered to the National Health Service, in Portugal, and to other EDP Group companies.


EDP Fablab contributes with computing for vaccine research

EDP Fablab contributes with unused computing resources to help researchers simulate the action of a possible vaccine, integrated in Folding @ home (FAH), a project focused on disease research.
The powerful computing resources of EDP Fablab will be combined with that of others to help "create" a supercomputer with machines from all around the world.
These amplified computing resources can help predict and model protein permutations millions of times faster than a single computer.


We keep our commitments

edp commitment

We continue to invest in Portugal

We are committed to helping preserve liquidity, investment in the economy and employment in Portugal. Therefore, we will maintain the total investment (capex and opex) planned for Portugal, for the year 2020, in a total of more than one billion euros.

edp commitment

We continue to promote employment in Portugal

We know that people are our main asset, so we decided to keep the plan to hire the total of 700 people planned for the Group, 300 of which are only for Portugal, until the end of the year 2020.


We continue to do our job

Telecommuting: the home office

From Spain to Brazil, from Portugal to the United States, the decision to implement work from home was taken very quickly.

At home or in protected facilities, workers from around the world struggle for our energy. Get to know the story of some EDP employees in this different routine: working, socializing or meeting, from a computer.


Covid-19: a laboratory for teleworking

This ease in the transition to teleworking did not happen without reason at EDP. From some years ago, the Group started a process of digital transformation that turned out to be precious at this time.

teletrabalho na EDP