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Hydro and Thermal Production

In Portugal, EDP Production focuses on asset management and risk management, optimization of operations and maintenance of hydro and thermal production centers. There are more than 60 hydroelectric plants and 4 thermoelectric plants that EDP promotes, dynamizes, and manages, supplying energy to the whole country. 

In accordance with  EDP Group's policy and values of environmental sustainability, 68% of the installed capacity of EDP in Portugal is based on renewable hydro energy, and the remaining 32% is based on conventional thermal power, subject to the most modern technologies in CO2 control and reduction of pollutant emissions.

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    Light Factories

    Visits to hydro and thermal plants

    EDP always wants to promote a close relationship with the community.
    As part of its social responsibility, EDP has an "open doors" policy for its power plants. 

    Certification and Recognition

    Environmental management in hydro and thermal production in Portugal

    EDP has been using environmental management systems in Portugal for over 20 years in its hydro and thermal electricity generation facilities. Learn about the certificates of the various environmental management systems.

    Innovation Projects in Hydro and Thermal Centers

    Educational and community projects

    15-18 years

    Energy Sharing

    This educational project aims to provide theoretical and practical teachings to secondary education students for the development of their personal skills.

    14-15 years

    Next to the Earth

    Biodiversity is a near-magical world that supports our life on Earth. For this reason, we challenge students to discover and protect it. 

    project for the community


    This program aims to value local culture and traditions, encouraging the self-esteem of communities, helping to create new audiences, ensuring that new generations value and integrate popular arts and knowledge, avoiding their extinction.

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    Knowledge Sharing