E-mails fraudulently claiming to be from EDP

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E-mails fraudulently claiming to be from EDP

Friday 24, November 2017

EDP would like to inform you that a fraudulent e-mail of unknown origin, claiming to be an electronic invoice, is currently being distributed.

Please note that under no circumstances will EDP request personal and/or confidential information – including bank details – via e-mail.

This type of malicious action that seeks to obtain personal details fraudulently by directing you to a false webpage that looks genuine and asking you to provide confidential information, is called phishing.

EDP is unable to prevent these fraudulent e-mails as anyone can purchase a genuine looking address from the e-mail database.

As EDP is a leading company, there is a greater chance our customers will be the target of such e-mails. However, EDP would like to reassure you that it will respond as quickly as possible to these e-mails in order to minimize their impact, to prevent customers from falling victim to them and to ensure the people or bodies responsible for sending fraudulent e-mails are identified and brought to justice.

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