Energia solidária

EDP Energia Solidária will invest over two million in fair transition social projects in Portugal, Spain, and Brazil

Wednesday 22, March 2023
  • EDP Energia Solidária, which evolves from the previous EDP Solidária program marks a new stage in the EDP group's social commitment.
  • Projects can apply for financial support from May.

EDP will invest over two million euros to support social and innovative projects that promote a fair energy transition in Portugal, Spain and Brazil. This support will be granted under the EDP Energia Solidária program (Energy for Solidarity).

In Portugal, candidate projects must fall within the areas of renewable energy, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility. Interested organizations may apply for the new edition of Energia Solidária between 1st and 31st May 2023 through the EDP Foundation website (fundacaoedp.pt).

All legally constituted organizations may apply to this program, which is promoted by the EDP Foundations in Iberia and Brazil. The social relevance, innovative character and their long and medium-term sustainability are some of the criteria by which the projects will be evaluated. In Portugal and Spain, several EDP group employee volunteers will be available to support the entities.

"EDP is strongly committed, through its foundations in Portugal, Spain and Brazil, to incorporate in its social investment the issues of fair energy transition and energy inclusion and efficiency. With the Energia Solidária program, EDP wants to strengthen and expand this commitment and involve everyone in a process of energy transition that is fair and sustainable. This is an unquestionable path that should contribute to improving the quality of life of people and communities, especially those in the most vulnerable contexts," says Vera Pinto Pereira, executive director of EDP and president of EDP Foundation.

The EDP Energia Solidária program emerges this year in line with the EDP group's strategy to promote a fair energy transition and is an evolution of the EDP Solidária program which, since its creation, has always sought to support social projects with a strong impact on society and communities, particularly among the most vulnerable groups.

In Portugal, EDP Solidária was created in 2004 and has so far supported the implementation or maintenance of over 400 social projects in all districts of the country, with an investment of around 17 million Euros. In Spain, the program was launched in 2015 and has already supported 174 projects, to which it has awarded more than 5 million euros.

In total, the more than 570 projects supported in Iberia have had a positive impact on the lives of around 2 million people. EDP thus strengthens its commitment to society through this program, which is part of one of the lines of intervention in the group's global social impact plan - EDP Y.E.S. - You Empower Society.