EDP signs its largest LED technology sale contract as an Energy Services Company

Monday 08, May 2017

Six million euro contract with Valongo Town Council will reduce the local authority's lighting expenses by 34%.

EDP today signed a six million euro contract for the sale of LED technology for street lighting with Valongo Town Council. This is one of the biggest contracts for the sale of LED technology in ECO.AP format signed to date in Portugal. The contract is designed so that the Council can pay the investment with its own savings.

The contract was signed this afternoon at the council's headquarters by EDP Comercial, which in addition to supplying energy to the Council, won the tender as an Energy Services Company (ESC) for the sale and installation of LED technology in the municipality. The signing of the contract was attended by the mayor of Valongo, José Manuel Pereira Ribeiro, and one of EDP Comercial's Directors, António Coutinho.

In total, about 16,000 lamps will be replaced and the contract, which will run for 16 years, will lead to a reduction in energy consumption of over 60% with savings of 34% in the council's lighting expenses. It is estimated that savings will be around 4.2 million kWh / year, equivalent to about 600 thousand euros per year.

In addition to lower energy bills, LED technology means lower maintenance costs, ensures long life, reduces CO2 emissions and minimizes light wastage.

As a contract affecting both urban and rural areas, the agreement between EDP Comercial and Valongo Council will also be fundamental for local revitalization at night. By reducing the need for maintenance, this technology will also cause less road disturbance.

"We will re-light all the streets of the county and meet one of the main desires of the population by increasing the sense of safety on public roads with an innovative, cheap and more environmentally friendly solution. These projects give us hope and strength to continue our focus on improving the quality of life of the almost 100,000 inhabitants who live in the cities of Alfena, Ermesinde and Valongo and in the villages of Campo and Sobrado" says the Leader of the Council, José Manuel Pereira Ribeiro.

For EDP Comercial, the leader in the liberalized municipal councils sector and in the energy efficiency market, this agreement represents "another step in the consolidation of the company's status as an integrated energy and energy efficiency services supplier" says António Coutinho, an EDP Comercial Director. 


The Energy Efficiency in Public Administration Programme ECO.AP, launched in 2011, aims to achieve a 30% energy efficiency level in Public Administration bodies and services by 2020 without an increase in public spending.