Replace your halogen light bulbs with LED bulbs in EDP stores

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Replace your halogen light bulbs with LED bulbs in EDP stores

Thursday 14, December 2017
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EDP has 100,000 LED light bulbs for exchange

As of today, all electricity customers in the residential sector in mainland Portugal whose supply is standard low voltage (SLV), can exchange their halogen bulbs for LED bulbs in EDP stores for only €1. This replacement will generate savings of up to 86% in electricity consumption. *

All the customer has to do, and irrespective of their supplier, is go to an EDP shop or agent, hand in their E14 socket (28W) and / or E27 (42W) halogen bulb and pay €1 for each LED bulb.

LED bulbs are the most efficient lighting technology, save up to 86% on energy consumption in lighting and have a longer operational life, with a capacity of up to 30,000 hours.

This is another measure that strengthens EDP's commitment to energy efficiency, and is one of the company’s strategic priorities. EDP has made various solutions available to its customers, such as the sale of heat pumps and intelligent water storage tanks, amongst other products and services. The objective is for these measures to contribute to a change in consumer behaviour and activity.

This initiative is part of the PPEC - Consumption Efficiency Promotion Plan, financed by the Energy Services Regulatory Authority (ERSE). 

EDP Comercial Campaign, EDP Group company, valid only for exchange of E14 (28W) and E27 (42W) halogen bulbs. Limited offer on existing stock.

* Exchange of one 42W halogen bulb for one 6W LED bulb. Operation: 3 hours a day, 365 days a year and an electricity tariff of €0,1991 / kWh (including VAT)