Sharing with Energy

The Share with Energy program is an approximately 3 day long exchange between schools in regions of the country where EDP has energy production centers. Secondary school teachers and students (between 15 and 19 years old) are challenged to create and develop a set of activities that publicize their region, its potential, spaces and activities. The participating teams take on, with the support of EDP, responsibility for the complete planning of the exchange, contacts, partnerships with local entities, budget management and logistics issues.

This innovative program promotes the development of social and interpersonal skills in young people who are in secondary and vocational institutions. It also promotes the sense of belonging to the region where the exchanges take place.

Share with Energy is part of EDP's social responsibility strategy, promoting the participation of communities in areas in which the company has developed its energy production activity.

In the 4th edition of this program, the 2019/2020 school year, there are schools from six regions of the country where EDP has production centers and these are: Cávado-Lima, Douro, Lares, Ribatejo, Tejo-Mondego and Sines. This year we managed to involve 23 schools, twice the number that participated last year.

Watch the best moments of the National Meeting from the 3rd edition of the program, which took place at Casa da Música:

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Why do we promote the Share with Energy program?


  • To help develop entrepreneurial skills, active citizenship and the social responsibility of participants
  • To promote the spirit of initiative and decision making skills among young people
  • To promote the potential and resources in all of the regions covered by the program
  • To promote among young people in these regions a sense of identity, belonging and connection to where they live.

How does the Program work?

EDP contacts schools in the regions covered to find out if there are teams of students interested in participating. The formed teams have between 7 to 12 students and 2 to 3 teachers.

During the school year, four challenges are carried out. These help each team and school to prepare for, in an incremental and structured way, the exchanges to be carried out with other participating schools at the end of the year.

Exchanges always include:

  • discovering each region's best-kept secrets (places, food, people, institutions) and sharing them with students from another school
  • visiting an EDP plant in the region
  • organizing a social activity


Sharing with Energy in 2018/2019

Check out the regions covered by this school year's program.

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