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Traditions Program

The purpose of the Traditions Program is to fund and follow up on projects that aim at celebrating Portuguese regional or local traditions in the municipalities where EDP's production centers are located.

It currently covers 80 municipalities, corresponding to the areas where the six EDP Produção electricity production centers are located  (hydro and thermoelectric power stations): Tejo Mondego, Douro, Cávado Lima, Ribatejo, Lares, and Sines.

Any legally constituted and registered Portuguese organization may submit non-profit projects, regardless of its origin, provided that the project focuses on a municipality covered by the program. This is because one of the goals of the program is to strengthen relations with local communities by celebrating vernacular identities.

The idea is to facilitate the transfer of traditional knowledge from generation to generation, while contributing to improving the self-esteem of local communities.  

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How does the Traditions Program work?

This is a biennial project, applications open every two years, and during this announced period, those interested must fill in the registration form, with all the details of the project they would like to develop: what is the tradition involved, the activities they intend to carry out, the financing they need, what are the objectives of your project and what are the ways to measure the accomplishment of those same objectives.

Thereafter, a jury comprised of EDP representatives and experts on the topic will select the finalist projects until all available funds are allocated.

After the jury vote, the finalists will then be personally visited by EDP so that Program managers can get to know the local context, the project details, and even negotiate the conditions for its implementation. Following this visit, projects with a positive evaluation will be declared winners.

Find out the winning projects from the last edition:

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7 Wonders of Popular Culture

"Carrejadas" receives seal of nomination

The Carrejadas project was recognized with the nomination seal of the organization of the 7 Wonders of Popular Culture in the Category of Rituals and Customs.

This organization chooses Portugal's material and immaterial cultural heritage, raising our popular culture to a level of public cause. The challenge is to highlight the experience and recognition of this heritage and choose the best that Portugal has, emphasizing the traditions associated with a particular region of the country.


EDP Stories

(Re)discovering of the identity of a people

In this story we share testimonies of winners, and we get to know more about Traditions, a program that aims to enhance our collective identity as a people, because, after all, the future needs origins.

The 4th Edition of the Traditions Program is almost here! Updates coming soon.