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What makes EDP a Super Brand?

For the 15th consecutive year running, we have been considered a 'Brand of Excellence' by Superbrands!

We are a humane, innovative and sustainable company. Our brand was built and is connected by people, we are loyal to our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. We are a transparent and open brand, deeply committed to the planet and society's welfare.

For the 15th year in a row, we have been considered a 'Brand of Excellence' in Portugal by Superbrands. We are the only Portuguese brand to have earned this award since the first edition.

This is energy!

Some milestones

Innovation and Development

We are focused on our commitment to decarbonization, decentralization and digitization, encompassing all projects within the Group's various business areas.

Disruption is happening at an unprecedented pace and scale, and we are also a leading brand in this area. There are several acceleration projects across all business areas and locations which are changing the way we operate in the energy industry and how we relate to our stakeholders.

renewable energy

EDP and Engie join forces to create a global leader

EDP and ENGIE have created an ambitious joint venture to bring together their offshore wind assets and ongoing projects, starting with a total of 1.5 GW under construction and 4.0 GW under development, with the goal of achieving 5 to 7 GW worth of projects under construction or in operation and 5 to 10 GW at an advanced stage by 2025.


Digital Acceleration Projects

EDP has joined several initiatives to strengthen this commitment. 2019 highlights include the third edition of Free Electrons - the first global program connecting the most promising startups to energy industry giants - and the EDP Starter entrepreneurship program, which gives the best energy startups the chance to develop pilot projects in acceleration programs, hackathons and conferences, as well as to obtain funding for their projects.



EDP Comercial Repositioning 

In 2018, faced with an increasingly competitive and demanding market, EDP Comercial announced its brand repositioning, based on 'The People's Energy'. This repositioning effort involved the creation of a new logo and of a new visual and verbal vocabulary, bringing it closer to the new generations. Diversity, inclusion, futurism, sustainability, enthusiasm and proximity are part of the company's DNA.

The repositioning campaign was just the starting point for a new communication strategy. It was followed by product campaigns that materialize two of the Group's top priorities: electric mobility and solar energy.

edp comercial

Electric Mobility Campaign

The future of mobility is electric, and this is an opportunity to boost the company's competitiveness and innovativeness. We want mobility to be quiet, clean, practical and economical. We have the opportunity and the means to create a world more focused on emotions than on emissions.

Solar Energy Campaign

We have taken another step towards a more decarbonized world with a new offer for the purchase of solar panels, based on the concept of 'solar energy generation'. A generation that saves more and wastes less, that produces energy to be used and shared. A generation that cares about its environmental footprint and the sustainability of the planet.


A new motto for Music and Sports

Last year, EDP strengthened its position as the official energy of music and sports by launching a new mobilizing claim: 'Let's Go.' 'Go out', 'be genuine' and 'enjoy everything' are some of the calls that make up the manifesto in which the brand materializes this new positioning. 'Let's Go' is the brand's new attitude before the community.

music and sports

On wheels, in the name of sustainability

At music events everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a sensory experience with 'Let's Go', thus feeling the energy of this new claim.

Using three interconnecting trucks — a pilot project developed in Portugal — we were able to build a structure that can cover up to 700 square meters, thus creating a space with several activations capable of generating 'goodwill' among festival-goers.

music and sports

We measured the energy of applause at EDP Fado Cafe

Everything we do has a purpose for local communities. For this reason, we deployed a system that measures the decibels of applause during concerts on the EDP stage at NOS ALIVE. These decibels were then converted into kW of charitable energy, making it possible to provide Obra do Padre Gregório with one year of free energy.

Awards and Recognition

EDP has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the 12th year in a row. This was also our best result ever. 

Brand Finance has rated EDP as the most valuable Portuguese brand and as the 14th most valuable utilities company worldwide. EDP was also the first Portuguese company to achieve Excellence as a Family Responsible Company.

Customers have once again presented EDP with the  'Consumer Choice' and '5 Stars' awards. In Spain the brand was voted 'Best Commercial Company' of the year by energy tariff comparison agency Selectra, which for the first time presented the 'Trust Awards' to the best energy companies operating in the Spanish market.