COVID-19: Safety Return Plan

EDP has been following the evolution of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), in Portugal and worldwide.

In the most critical period of the Pandemic Situation, we had to suspend activities, but we provided our services to the population. We had more than 70% of employees working by teleworking and we had our operational teams and in our command centers to do it.

Now, facing the end of the State of Emergency in Portugal and in accordance with the guidelines of the official entities, we are preparing the return to a new normality, with a view to resuming activity and returning our employees to our facilities.

The preparation of our facilities is underway and the return of the first employees will take place on May 18th.

How will the returning plan be implemented?

The return of employees to the facilities will be organized in three phases and employees will be segmented into groups, in line with the recommendations of public health authorities.

Return in stages
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Division of employees by groups
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Return with safety

Ensuring the return of our employees with maximum security is our priority. For this, we will apply security measures on their return.

Upon their return employees will have access to measures such as:

COVID-19 infection and immunity testing
Temperature measurement
Icone Máscaras
Kits with prevention and protection equipment

In addition to these measures, we have also reviewed our facilities to allow that:

  • the workstations maintain a minimum distance of two meters, at 360º, between them;
  • cleaning and disinfection of buildings to be more frequent than usual;
  • meetings with a limited number of participants (we will continue to promote meetings remotely).


commercial area

Stores reopening

On May 18th, EDP stores in Portugal will reopen their doors to the public. Don't forget that we continue to be available through digital channels.

We want to guarantee your safety and the safety of our employees. Find out all the details on the websites of our energy trading companies:

EDP Comercial
SU Eletricidade
EDP Distribuição

We keep our commitments


We continue to invest in Portugal

We are committed to helping preserve liquidity, investment in the economy and employment in Portugal. Therefore, we will maintain the total investment (capex and opex) planned for Portugal, for the year 2020, at a total of more than one billion euros.


We continue to promote employment in Portugal

We know that people are our main asset, so we decided to keep the plan to hire a total of 700 people foreseen for the Group, 300 of which are for Portugal, until the end of the year 2020.

With this plan, EDP expects, gradually and without compromising the safety of its employees, partners and customers, to resume normality in its business areas.

The execution of this plan of return to the premises will always be aligned to the legislation in force and to the decisions of the government, as well as of the national and international public health authorities. The definition of this strategy also followed the guidelines presented by the European Commission in the “Joint European Roadmap towards Lifting the Covid-19 Containment measures”.