What was it?

The EDP University Challenge was an international EDP competition for young university students.

There were 3 editions in several geographical areas where EDP Renewables is present (Spain, France, Italy and Belgium).


Who could participate?

This award was intended for the entire academic community of Portugal, Brazil, Spain, France, Italy and Belgium. The challenge presenteded annually ran for 13 years and had components such as engineering, management, economics, marketing and communication.


What were the dynamics?

Numbers of Previous Editions in Portugal:



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2020 EDP University Challenge

After the successful trip of the winning team of the 2019 edition, the last edition provided the chance for a trip to Silicon Valley, the center par excellence of the cutting-edge technology industry.

Theme for 2020 edition:


1. Energy Efficiency
  • The bet on natural elements in Renewables

  • Consumeless - the watchword in reducing consumption

  • The Mobility Fast Track - we will avoid CO2 emissions
2. Circular Economy
  • The virtuous cycle in the Development and / or Integration of Artificial Intelligence and IoT solutions applied to the various stages of the circular economy (5 R ́s)

  • Development of technological solutions that make the implementation of each of the 5 R's more efficient.

  • New business models and new services in the scope of renting solar or kitchen equipment

Check the BRIEFING | Check the REGULATION

❗️Important dates:

  • Registration and submission of ideas: between February 19 and April 9, 2020
  • Communication of the pre-selection of the 50 best ideas: April 16, 2020
  • Delivery of final projects: until June 12, 2020
  • Communication of the semi-finalist projects: August 2020
  • Final Venue in Portugal: September 2020
  • Global Final Ceremony: October 2020
  • Trip to Silicon Valley: 2021



Local Final Prize:

  • 3 winning teams 

  • 1.200€ per team

  • 400€ per professor

Global Final Prize:

A trip to Silicon Valley for students and teacher.

Participation and enrollment in EDP University Challenge
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What is EDP University Challenge?

The EDP University Challenge is an international EDP competition for young university students. Today there are 3 editions, Portugal, Brazil and EDP Renováveis being present in several geographical areas where the latter company is present (Spain, France, Italy, Belgium and England).

The competition aims to bring the students closer to EDP and the business reality and also to recognize and reward the best projects presented. 


Is participation possible for students who have finished the previous school year?

Participation of students who have completed their training in the previous school year is not possible. Only the participation of students who are enrolled in this school year will be accepted.


Is it possible to compete in two different groups?

No, the participants can only participate with a single project per edit.

Is it possible for foreign students to participate in an academic exchange program?

Yes. The competition in Portugal is open to all university students enrolled in a Portuguese higher education institution. Exchange students may participate as far as they prove that in the respective academic year they are enrolled in a Portuguese higher education institution.



What if the student cards have not yet been issued this school year until the application deadline?

Participants will be able to send another document that proves their enrollment in their educational institution, such as a certificate of enrollment.


Is it possible to change the project's theme after registering?

Since in the initial stage of the competition a pre-selection of the best ideas will be carried out, the projects presented should be based on the concept initially presented. This concept can be worked out by the team following different approaches that will lead to a different result. Such changes should be shared with the EDP University Challenge Management Team by sending an email to universitychallenge@edp.com.



How to retrieve a group identification code?

To retrieve the group identification code, the representative must send an email to universitychallenge@edp.com requesting the group identification code. A photocopy of the group representative's faculty card and / or proof of enrollment must be attached.


What is the Identifying Code of a group?

After registering online at the competition site www.portugal.edp.com/edpuniversitychallenge, each participating group will receive an automatic email message confirming their registration. This message will contain a code identifying the group. This code should be saved because it will serve for the process of monitoring the projects and the process of delivery of the projects. This code should not be transmitted to any element outside the group.



What are the deadlines for registering and delivering the final project?

For each edition of EDP University Challenge there are previously stipulated dates that can be consulted in the Regulations available on the EDP University Challenge contest site and here



The competition is aimed at students with which areas of knowledge?

Teams can be composed of elements from different areas of knowledge, as a way to achieve a multidisciplinary and complementarity quality between them.

Is it possible to present projects developed within the scope of any discipline?

Yes, it is possible to carry out curricular projects, as long as they fall within the scope of the theme of the EDP University Challenge contest.


What are the minimum and maximum number of participants per group?

The minimum number of participants per group is 2 elements and the maximum number is 3 elements. 

How can I register for EDP University Challenge?

On the contest site www.portugal.edp.com/edpuniversitychallenge you can find a place to sign up and submit your idea.

You will be contacted within two weeks to see if your idea has passed on to the next phase of the contest.

What are the phases of the EDP University Challenge contest?

The EDP University Challenge goes through the following phases:

1.    Signing up and submitting an idea (theme in www.portugal.edp.com/edpuniversitychallenge)

2.    Pre-selection and communication of the 50 best ideas to start the project development

3.    Selection and communication of the 15 semi-finalist projects

4.    Final Place with 15 semifinalist teams and selection of the 3 finalists of the Portuguese edition

6.    Global Final - place indicated in the competition REGULATION


Delivery of Final Projects
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How will the project be delivered?

The delivery of the project must be carried out exclusively by online means, through the dedicated page on the EDP University Challenge website. Any doubts about the procedure can be clarified with the EDP University Challenge Management Team by sending an email to universitychallenge@edp.com.



What if my work contains a video file that exceeds 25 MB (twenty-five megabytes)?

Should the project include a video file or other media format exceeding 25 MB (twenty-five megabytes), the group may upload it on an external platform (e.g. www.youtube.com.). It is advisable to change the video's privacy settings, selecting the unlisted/private option. The video address should be added to the final work.


Is it possible to change the work after it has been submitted?

The work must be submitted within the deadline specified in the competition rules; therefore, it can be replaced and changed until the submission deadline. Only the last uploaded version will be considered valid.


Is there a file size limit?

The file to be submitted on the competition site cannot exceed 25 MB (twenty-five megabytes).

In what file format should the report be submitted?

The report must be submitted in a non-editable format - PDF. Alternatively, if the group wants to submit more than one file, the report can be submitted in ZIP format. If the group wants to add images or other files that it deems relevant and necessary, these can be included in the ZIP file. As a precaution, if the group sends several files, these should be listed in the report itself.


How do I identify my project when submitting it?

When registering for the EDP University Challenge, each group will receive an automatic registration confirmation message, which will contain a unique ID Code. When submitting its project, the group must enter that code in the respective field.


Local Final and Global Final
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Do all elements of the group have to be present in the Global Final?

To be selected as the big winner, the group must be represented by at least one of its elements. It is not necessary to have all elements of the group present.


Is it possible to request additional elements or other specificities for the presentation in the Global Final?

No, the groups will not be allowed to use additional elements during presentations (changes in the room brightness or the use of support objects such as tables and chairs). All groups will have the same presentation conditions.


Moving to the Global Final in another geographical area

The travel and accommodation expenses of the teams in the final are organized and guaranteed by EDP when carried out in a country other than Portugal.

When the ceremony takes place in Portugal, EDP only assures the accommodation of finalist teams that live more than 100 km from the venue of the Global Final.

What is the dress code for the Local Final and for the Global Final (formal or informal)?

The Local Final is an informal event. In the Global Final it is advisable to wear casual formal / business clothing.


In what language does the Global Final take place?

In the Local Final, the 15 semi-finalists will present their projects to the jury in pitch format, done in Portuguese (or English, if the presence of foreign students so justifies).

The Global Final is an international event, so the preferred language will be English. The final project documents may be delivered in Portuguese or English, but the presentation of the projects on the day of the ceremony should preferably be done in English.

Where is the Global Final?

The Global Final is a global event where the 9 finalist teams of the EDP University Challenge, that is the three finalists teams from Portugal, Brazil and EDP Renováveis will assemble. The location of the Global Final will take place in one of these 3 countries (Portugal, Spain or Brazil). See the Regulation for more information.


Regulamento 2019
What is the difference between the Local Final and the Global Final?

The competition has 3 editions, in geographical areas where EDP is present. In each of the geographical areas a Local Final is held with 15 semifinalists. In the Local Final 3 finalists are selected who will present their projects in the Global Final (total of 9 finalists). The Local Final will take place in Portugal, Spain or Brazil. Check the Competition REGULATION for more information.


Other questions
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In case of additional questions related to the EDP University Challenge competition

You can contact the EDP University Challenge Management Team by sending an email to universitychallenge@edp.com


What are the main dates?

  • Registration and submission of ideas: between February 19 and March 23, 2020

  • Communication of the pre-selection of the 50 best ideas: March 31, 2020

  • Delivery of final projects: June 12, 2020

  • Communication of the semi-finalist projects: August 2020

  • Local Final: September 2020

  • Pitch Bootcamp and Global Final Ceremony: October 2020

  • Trip to Silicon Valley: January 2021

Is it possible to access the tender projects delivered in previous years?

No, the production rights of the projects are respected and the projects from previous years will not be allowed.


How to obtain additional market and technical information for the production of the project?

The research of information about the energy sector in Portugal and about EDP is the participants' responsibility. The analysis and framing form part of the aspects evaluated in the projects and should justify the robustness of the conclusions / proposals reached by the participants. However, information on EDP is available at the briefing on the competition's website.


Is the value of the prizes for each element or is it divided among all of them?

In the Local Final the prize is monetary, the 3 teams in the final being awarded an equal amount. The total value is divided equally by all the elements of the group. Teachers will also receive a monetary prize.

In the Global Final there is only one winning team and all elements of the group, including the teacher, are awarded the same way.  (more information about the prizes in the Competition Regulation).