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If your music has soul, sign up for EDP Tanto Fado and win your place on stage.

We are looking for new artists with a strong voice who want to show their talent. The big winner of EDP Tanto Fado will release an album with Sony Music and perform on the EDP Fado Café stage in the next edition of NOS Alive festival, enter before November 26th. 

Make some noise, let's sing Fado!

Concurso EDP Tanto Fado
tanto fado

Be sure to vote for your favorite artists to help them reach the final round of EDP Tanto Fado. 

Check below for the list of the latest registered singers and the top most voted artists.

Make some noise, let's sing Fado!

Most recent Fado singer

Most voted Fado singer

parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros tanto fado

Make some noise, it´s time for Fado!

Do you believe that your music has soul? That your voice is strong? That Fado lives in your heart? This is the opportunity you have been waiting for to make yourself heard and win a place on stage.

EDP Tanto Fado is EDP's latest initiative in the music field that aims to support and promote national talent. 

This contest is open to all fadistas who do not have a record contract and who do not have more than one edited record. To win, you just have to prove to the contest jury that you have the talent to record an album with Sony Music and take the stage at EDP Fado Café in the next edition of the NOS Alive festival, and share the bill with big names at Fado in Portugal. 

Silence? Why? when there are so many voices, so many rhythms, so much soul, so much Fado?

imagem tanto fado
imagem do tanto fado
parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros tanto fado

Queremos encontrar artistas com garra na voz, com paixão pelo Fado, e premiar o grande vencedor com uma atuação no palco do EDP Fado Café, no NOS Alive, e com a gravação de um álbum. 

Para isso, contamos com o apoio da Carminho, como embaixadora deste concurso. 

A Carminho fará ainda um workshop exclusivo com os finalistas e atuará na grande final, agendada para 20 de dezembro.  

Queres participar? Só precisas de provar que tens talento e alma no fado! Ouve as palavras que a Carminho deixou para ti, e inscreve-te!

A Carminho

Carminho é a grande voz do fado e uma das artistas portuguesas com maior projeção internacional.

Nasceu no meio das guitarras e das vozes do fado, filha da conceituada fadista Teresa Siqueira, estreou-se a cantar em público aos doze anos, no Coliseu.

Lança o seu primeiro disco em 2009, que alcança a platina nesse ano. Em 2012, lança o segundo álbum, e em 2014 lança o "Canto", um projeto com músicos de renome brasileiros. 

“Maria” é o título que Carminho escolheu para o seu novo álbum, o quinto da sua carreira e o mais pessoal de sempre.

parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros EDP Tanto Fado

Inscreve-te e conquista o teu lugar no EDP Fado Café.

Procuramos novos fadistas com talento e vontade de mostrarem que a sua música tem alma. Se queres editar um álbum com a Sony Music e subir ao palco EDP Fado Café no festival NOS Alive, participa até dia 26 de novembro.

O EDP Tanto Fado espera por ti.

parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros tanto fado

Vote for your favorite Fado singer:

parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros tanto fado

Do you have any doubts about the contest?

If so, please check our FAQ:

Frequently Asked Questions
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When can I apply?

Applications are open from 3 pm on 29 October until 11:59 pm on November 26, 2020 (GMT/UTC). Show us your music's soul and earn your place on the stage.

What is the minimum age to apply?

Only Fado singers over 16 years old can apply. However, if you are under 18 years old, you must ask your legal guardian to sign a declaration allowing you to participate and send it to the competition email address: This document is available here.

I just signed up. What must I do now?

Now you just have to wait. Your application is being processed and you will receive a confirmation email as soon as it is approved. You will then have access to a dedicated area on the competition website, where you will be able to create material to publicize your participation.

Can I vote for more than one Fado singer?

Yes, you can vote for all Fado singers once. That is, you have ONE vote available for each singer. Choose wisely so that the best singer will win.

Must I sign up my Facebook and email accounts to vote?

No. In order to vote, you must only sign up or get authenticated once. In other words, you just have to connect via Facebook or, alternatively, sign up with your email address. None of your authentication data will be saved in this process.

How are the Fado singers moving on to the semifinal selected?

16 Fado singers will be selected for the semifinal from the list of registered candidates. 6 of these Fado singers will be chosen by the public on the contest website, while the remaining ten will be selected by the jury. Selection criteria include diction, compass, performance, pitch, melody and vocal technique.

The jury reserves the right to increase the number of semifinalists whenever the quality of the candidates so warrants, or in the event of a tie between candidates.

The jury's decisions are not subject to appeal.

The semifinalists will be announced on the contest website on December 2, 2020, and will be contacted by the organizers to prepare the online semifinal.

How are the finalists selected?

8 semifinalists will go through to the final. 1 of the finalists will be the candidate with the most votes on the contest website, and the remaining 7 will be selected by the jury based on each candidate’s diction, compass, performance, pitch, melody and vocal technique.

The jury's decisions are not subject to appeal. 

The 8 finalists will be announced on the contest website on December 11, 2020, and will be contacted by the organizers to prepare for the final.

How is the winner chosen?

The final be held in Lisbon on December 20, 2020. The finalists will be informed of the specific location at a later stage.

During the final, each of the 8 (eight) finalists will perform 2 (two) songs live.

The winner will be chosen solely by the jury.

In evaluating the performance of Fado singers, the jury will apply several criteria, such as diction, compass, performance, pitch, melody, vocal technique, and stage presence.

How can I get in touch if I have any doubts?

By sending an email to our support address:

parceiros do tanto fado
parceiros tanto fado