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Let's Go!

EDP has brought its energy to thousands of people for more than 20 years in sports events and for more than a decade in music events. This has been a contagious energy, which has been challenging itself over the years and which, above all, has stimulated the Portuguese to have a healthier life, to overcome limits, to dance, to live, to make it happen.

We live in very different times, which compel us to adapt and reinvent our presence in these areas, and because we are made of changes, we are made to do, undo and redo, we keep our commitment to remain the official energy of music and sports.

Change brings novelty. A new will. New ways of living. Because as much as everything changes, the passion that keeps us going will never change.

Lets's go!


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edp live bands 2020

Walls don't have ears

We are looking for new artists with talent and will to show their music. The winners will play at the best festivals with EDP. Find out more!

Follow all updates through our Instagram account, @edpoficial, and let yourself be inspired by the #edplivesessions available in the profile highlights!

the movement Portugal


The days we live in reinforce the fact that art is indispensable.

We joined Portugal #EntraEmCena, a national movement that brings together the energy of artists, public and private companies, brands and foundations, in a common mission in which everyone should enter today, to ensure that culture has a tomorrow.

This movement materializes on a digital platform, where artists can launch ideas and see their projects remunerated. Applications are open until June 19.



virtual race

EDP Porto's Virtual Marathon

The race is already scheduled! It will be held in the week of 2 to 8 November 2020, with the main objective of motivating and inspiring the community of runners, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle.

Registrations for the event are now available!

Maratona Virtual Porto 2020


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