In order to contribute to sustainable development, EDP has, since its inception, extended and promoted various educational initiatives.
Estes projetos inserem-se na estratégia de responsabilidade social da EDP, promovendo um envolvimento das comunidades onde a empresa desenvolve a sua atividade.

These projects are part of EDP's social responsibility strategy, promoting the involvement of the communities in which the company operates.

14-15 years

Close to the Earth

Biodiversity is an almost magical world that supports life on Earth. We depend on this multiplicity of species. Discover them. Protect them. The earth's sustainable development depends on you!

15-18 years


Twist is an awareness-raising project and a way of encouraging secondary education students to fight Climate Change and stand up for Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development.

15-18 years

Sharing with Energy

The purpose of this project is to provide secondary education students with the theoretical and practical tools they need for the development of their personal skills.

Schools With Energy

Optimizing with Energy

A program for educational institutions that applies business management skills to promote saving and reducing waste.

Schools With Energy

Communicating with Energy

A program aimed at 9th grade students that intends to develop public communication skills in students.

Higher Education

EDP University Challenge

The purpose of the EDP University Challenge Award is to contribute to the development of university students' academic training.


Higher Education

Power Trade

Power Trade is a digital game aimed primarily at college students, which allows users to simulate the dynamics of daily energy trading, as well as the planning of long-term investments.

Fundação EDP

Energy Orchestra

The EDP Foundation Energy Orchestra is a social inclusion music project that involves children and teenagers aged 6 to 16 from schools in Amarante, Murça and Mirandela.

Fundação EDP

Solidarity Schools

The EDP Foundation's Solidarity Schools program is a project that aims to promote citizenship in schools, encouraging high school students (both public and private) to actively engage in solving social issues affecting their communities.

EDP Produção

Schools with energy


This project aims to support schools in their management component and develop new skills and behaviors among young people.